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+ the Naime raison d’etre

Carolyn Childs established Naime to deliver innovative strategies and outcomes to help organisations build sustainable businesses across cultures.

In practical terms, mining research for insights and tangible opportunities to grow and strengthen clients’ businesses.

Using a purpose-built approach, Naime designs a unique strategy for each project, assembling a team of specialist consultants with expertise in and a passion for your industry. You can meet some of these consultants in the 12 Peers section.

Take a generous dose of knowledge and insight, add a dash of curiosity and a whole load of passion for the industry, and you have the essential ingredients to Naime’s philosophy.

See Approach for more information on the Naime’s methodology.


About Naime

Legendary sources of strategic advice and support

Naime the Duke of Bavaria, was Charlemagne’s most trusted advisor among the12 Peers or Paladins of medieval legend. Besides providing advice, he engaged on Charlemagne’s behalf in various battles and quests. This balance of strategic advice and active engagement embodies the philosophy of Naime’s founder Carolyn Childs in working with clients.

In certain Slavonic languages, Naime means however in the sense of bringing new or interesting information. Again this reflects to Carolyn’s philosophy of bring a fresh perspective to business challenges and opportunities.

Although Naime is European in origin, the archetype he represents exists in most cultures. For example in Hindu legend Siddantha, is a manifestation of the god Shiva who is a strategic advisor to the other gods and fights their battles. This ability to work across cultures is very much the Naime philosophy.

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