I’ve worked with Carolyn for many years in various roles on both sides. When she set up Dragoman we were delighted to draw on her experience again.

Carolyn brings great interpretation skills to her analysis work. She combines this with her extensive experience in running businesses to bring us great understanding of the issues combined with very practical solutions and outcomes.

But practical does not mean limited – Carolyn is very comfortable thinking outside the box coming up with creative solutions or fresh ways of looking at things.

Her knowledge and passion for her chosen areas – branding, customer experience especially in areas like cultural interpretation, aviation, tourism and branding  are really refreshing.

– Edward Steiner, Marketing Manager – Insights, PWC Australia



We’ve drawn on Carolyn as a resource to support us at peak periods of work and found it to be a very successful collaboration. She has written reports, facilitated focus groups and conducted quantitative research for us.

Besides her depth of research and business knowledge, Carolyn is really responsive – we know that things will happen on time and effectively. The work she has delivered continues to exceed expectations.

She works collaboratively with us to deliver a great outcome for our clients in a way that makes it feel seamless to them. But she never forgets we need to be the heroes of our client relationship – supporting, not taking over.

– Miranda King, Insights Manager, OMD



If it weren’t for Carolyn, I would not be able to deliver my clients the value nor the results that I have. Carolyn’s insights into the industry are second to none, and her ability to liaise with the industry in a language they can use is a rarity!

Research is underestimated in tourism and can make or break this industry. The research Carolyn provides is user-friendly, practical and, most of all, produces results!
Thank you Carolyn!

– Lori Modde, Owner, Lorick Management

About Naime

Legendary sources of strategic advice and support

Naime the Duke of Bavaria, was Charlemagne’s most trusted advisor among the12 Peers or Paladins of medieval legend. Besides providing advice, he engaged on Charlemagne’s behalf in various battles and quests. This balance of strategic advice and active engagement embodies the philosophy of Naime’s founder Carolyn Childs in working with clients.

In certain Slavonic languages, Naime means however in the sense of bringing new or interesting information. Again this reflects to Carolyn’s philosophy of bring a fresh perspective to business challenges and opportunities.

Although Naime is European in origin, the archetype he represents exists in most cultures. For example in Hindu legend Siddantha, is a manifestation of the god Shiva who is a strategic advisor to the other gods and fights their battles. This ability to work across cultures is very much the Naime philosophy.

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