Are exchange rates the real villain in the Australian tourism story

Australia has gone from being a net exporter of tourism to a net importer.  This has had a huge impact on Australia’s economy. A report in 2010 by Goldman Sachs concluded that one of the key reasons that Australia’s retail sector was in such dire straits was this change.  Growth in visitor numbers slowed down […]

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Regional tourism branding case study

One of the most common discussions I hear in tourism (at the small business end) is around the role of branding.  There often seems to be an assumption that virtue will be rewarded – if you are good enough you don’t need to boast about it. It vaguely reminds me of Juliet’s lament in Shakespeare’s […]

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About Naime

Legendary sources of strategic advice and support

Naime the Duke of Bavaria, was Charlemagne’s most trusted advisor among the12 Peers or Paladins of medieval legend. Besides providing advice, he engaged on Charlemagne’s behalf in various battles and quests. This balance of strategic advice and active engagement embodies the philosophy of Naime’s founder Carolyn Childs in working with clients.

In certain Slavonic languages, Naime means however in the sense of bringing new or interesting information. Again this reflects to Carolyn’s philosophy of bring a fresh perspective to business challenges and opportunities.

Although Naime is European in origin, the archetype he represents exists in most cultures. For example in Hindu legend Siddantha, is a manifestation of the god Shiva who is a strategic advisor to the other gods and fights their battles. This ability to work across cultures is very much the Naime philosophy.